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Women’s Circles on the road and online

‘What the heck is a Women’s Circle?’ Asked my mum when I told her I was holding my first one in Morocco — so I explained…

Have you ever been in a group of women and you felt like the volume just keeps getting louder and louder? Yeah, me too, I’m usually the one with the loudest voices.

During a circle a safe container is created so that every woman is able to express their deepest truth be it glorious or hideous — without judgement, without advice, just seen, respected and held in love. It is truly a healing experience that ripples through to women.

Circle topics include but are NOT limited too: sisterhood, masculine and feminine energy within, sacred menstruation, self-love, sexuality, ageing as a woman.

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Online coaching

Are you trapped in nightmarish dating loop? Is your sexuality suffering? Have you lost connection to self-love? Do you hate the arrival of your period?

Are there any areas in your life relating to sex, love, self love or menstruation that you are silently suffering in?

I am here to fully see, fully hear you. To guide you through some simple exercises, meditations, and mantras that will truly help you in your process.

The weirdest of weird is welcome, it’s time to love your freaky self.

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