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Group Sex at AfricaBurn

Group sex - I am fascinated by it. Two, three, hell maybe eight naked bodies caressing, sucking and entering my body. Bodily fluids flowing and a choir of moans and groans. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet) experienced this wondrous type of sexual venture. Afrikaburn got me so damn close, I could practically feel the cum showers.… Continue reading Group Sex at AfricaBurn

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Drink it like a Prima Juice

So here I was with a mysterious German's number. Still being in a deep well of desperation for male affection, I immediately messaged him. To my surprise he responds instantly. We had some cheeky banter, including me stating that I hadn’t showered yet and perhaps didn’t need to if I was only going to get… Continue reading Drink it like a Prima Juice

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I am a Fucking Unicorn

You know how when you go away on holidays you can become this whole other person and do things you might not do at home? Well I did that, but in my home. It's the start of the holidays and I have that awful realisation that I have no one to call on for day… Continue reading I am a Fucking Unicorn