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Hairy Pits Take Europe

So apparently I’m a hippie now. I have a weird haircut, I wear random clothes, I travel for a lifestyle but most notably, I no longer tame my body hair. I didn't used to look like this, I waxed my underarms, shaved my legs, and scheduled my monthly Brazilian appointments. I loathed the cost, effort… Continue reading Hairy Pits Take Europe

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Before setting out on this journey I was in a state of doing, a state of achieving: complete two years of career work so you look stable on your resume, save up enough money to go away, and try to find a man to nourish your sexual and emotional desires while working. I’d discuss my… Continue reading Wings

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It’s Burn Time Baby, Prepare for the Madness

Have you ever seen a person at a festival or a party that has gone completely over the edge? Someone spiraling so far off the road to reality, they’re like a human car crash; you’re afraid to look at them but you cannot look away. I witnessed this at Strawberry Fields Festival. Paramedics were chasing… Continue reading It’s Burn Time Baby, Prepare for the Madness

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Pussy and the Pillows

Lekker Bro we’re in Durban - South Africa! Getting straight back into the swing of city life, I naturally looked up a Durban version of Revs. The tribe, minus Mamma Africa and her broken ribs, were ready to give our twerking hips a rest and reactivate our techno stomping feet. Origin nightclub was in a… Continue reading Pussy and the Pillows

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Holes and Hippopotamuses

Paid-hitchhiking was dramatically improved with the presence of the new member, Red Breast - A Melbournian based Photographer, solo African travelling sick bitch. She boarded the overlander armed with seven months worth of travel tales, which she happily divulged, we were in heaven. Ecstatic from learning that we girls were all attending the sister of… Continue reading Holes and Hippopotamuses

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Parasite Sex

Our hitchhiking journey somehow turned into us making all meals and paying for petrol, so I suppose paid-hitchhiking journey is a better name. Another few 100 kms south and we arrived to the beautiful ‘beach’ of Cape Maclear. There isn’t actually an ocean in Malawi, as it is a land locked country, but the lake… Continue reading Parasite Sex

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Baby, baby, baby!

Malawi! - Aptly dubbed as the warm heart of Africa. We’ve already met so many legends; our first fellow Aussie - the lovely Red Breast, two Israeli sweethearts, and the entire expat community of Kande. Kande is home to the farm stay ‘Kande Horse,’ literally a mystical forest cottage filled with farm animals featuring horses… Continue reading Baby, baby, baby!

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The Boogey Man is Real

One month into the trip, our next tribe member - the one and only Zimbabawia - arrived! It was our first evening together in Stone Town-Zanzibar, which coincidentally happened to be the weekend of the annual Stone Town music festival - Sauti za Busara. Typical. To avoid Zimbabawia’s jet-lag we prettied ourselves up, illegally bought… Continue reading The Boogey Man is Real

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Bye Bye King Kong

There are up tales, there are down tales, and there are tales that make you feel like you’ve just ridden a roller coaster with diarrhoea. This is one of those tales. Despite my best efforts to remain ‘casual’ with the German, to keep my walls up, and my expectations realistic, I was inevitably, catching the… Continue reading Bye Bye King Kong

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Drink it like a Prima Juice

So here I was with a mysterious German's number. Still being in a deep well of desperation for male affection, I immediately messaged him. To my surprise he responds instantly. We had some cheeky banter, including me stating that I hadn’t showered yet and perhaps didn’t need to if I was only going to get… Continue reading Drink it like a Prima Juice