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A Feminist Man’s Adventure Into the Red Temple

The burn is over. My masculine energy wishing to fuck everything, has subsided. Now a softer, more feminine energy, desiring tenderness and affection has slipped in to take its place. I wonder if there’s anyone left in this desert who can fulfil such a need before my bus departs tomorrow!? It’s time for our desert… Continue reading A Feminist Man’s Adventure Into the Red Temple

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Group Sex at AfricaBurn

Group sex - I am fascinated by it. Two, three, hell maybe eight naked bodies caressing, sucking and entering my body. Bodily fluids flowing and a choir of moans and groans. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet) experienced this wondrous type of sexual venture. Afrikaburn got me so damn close, I could practically feel the cum showers.… Continue reading Group Sex at AfricaBurn

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Pussy and the Pillows

Lekker Bro we’re in Durban - South Africa! Getting straight back into the swing of city life, I naturally looked up a Durban version of Revs. The tribe, minus Mamma Africa and her broken ribs, were ready to give our twerking hips a rest and reactivate our techno stomping feet. Origin nightclub was in a… Continue reading Pussy and the Pillows

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My Leg Fillers of Late

Since the German, I have well and truly found my way back into the single gal groove. It's funny how you can, unintentionally / totally intentionally, loose that when 'not dating' a guy for 5 months. A summary of my leg fillers of late: - The Native American / German, yeah another German Found him… Continue reading My Leg Fillers of Late