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The Challenges of African Dancing: Part 2 — The Challenges of Lovers

Lovers — I can’t seem to get the idea out of my mind. I want to be a lover, I want to have a lover. But lovers aren’t necessarily singular. Take Zimbabwia, we’ve been to six countries now and she’s had a lover in five (go girl). So if I’m going to learn to be… Continue reading The Challenges of African Dancing: Part 2 — The Challenges of Lovers

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The Challenges of African Dancing

When I travelled to India it was the imbalance between men and women challenged me. When I lived in Sweden it was the conservative nature of the people that challenged me. This is what I love about travelling. I love my perception of ‘normal’ to be challenged, to have my boundaries pushed and continue to… Continue reading The Challenges of African Dancing

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The Lover and The Prowler

So I’m a Gemini. For those who know anything about astrology it’s commonly known as ‘the twin’ — the dualistic persona. When it comes to sex, my louder persona — The Prowler, loves the freedom and empowerment of a one night stand. For years I’ve loved going to events, prowling a crowd, picking my mark… Continue reading The Lover and The Prowler

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A Rhinoceros Blowjob

We humans spend a lot of our time watching animals. We watch them in cages and tanks. We watch them on tv whilst listening to David Attenborough. We watch them in zoos and aquariums. We watch them on safari in foreign and exotic countries. Our species seems to get so much enjoyment from watching animals.… Continue reading A Rhinoceros Blowjob

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Group Sex at AfricaBurn

Group sex - I am fascinated by it. Two, three, hell maybe eight naked bodies caressing, sucking and entering my body. Bodily fluids flowing and a choir of moans and groans. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet) experienced this wondrous type of sexual venture. Afrikaburn got me so damn close, I could practically feel the cum showers.… Continue reading Group Sex at AfricaBurn

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The Pick-up Artist and the Sex-positive Blogger: Interview or Porno?

Wet and covered only by a teeny tiny towel, I dash upstairs hoping to make it to Shirley’s room before being spotted. As luck would have it I’m caught mid stairwell. We’re both startled by one another. He takes in my seemingly naked form and starts talking - ‘Sorry’, I interrupt, ‘I don’t speak Dutch’.… Continue reading The Pick-up Artist and the Sex-positive Blogger: Interview or Porno?

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Boys with Curly Hair

Leaving Durban was a shit-show. Between us we had slept for about 10 hours but were due to pick up our rental car at 10am. A couple of near roadside chunders and a million hire forms later, our classic South African road trip down the Transkei, Wild Coast, and Garden Route began. Our first stop… Continue reading Boys with Curly Hair

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Holes and Hippopotamuses

Paid-hitchhiking was dramatically improved with the presence of the new member, Red Breast - A Melbournian based Photographer, solo African travelling sick bitch. She boarded the overlander armed with seven months worth of travel tales, which she happily divulged, we were in heaven. Ecstatic from learning that we girls were all attending the sister of… Continue reading Holes and Hippopotamuses

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Parasite Sex

Our hitchhiking journey somehow turned into us making all meals and paying for petrol, so I suppose paid-hitchhiking journey is a better name. Another few 100 kms south and we arrived to the beautiful ‘beach’ of Cape Maclear. There isn’t actually an ocean in Malawi, as it is a land locked country, but the lake… Continue reading Parasite Sex

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Baby, baby, baby!

Malawi! - Aptly dubbed as the warm heart of Africa. We’ve already met so many legends; our first fellow Aussie - the lovely Red Breast, two Israeli sweethearts, and the entire expat community of Kande. Kande is home to the farm stay ‘Kande Horse,’ literally a mystical forest cottage filled with farm animals featuring horses… Continue reading Baby, baby, baby!