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It’s Burn Time Baby, Prepare for the Madness

Have you ever seen a person at a festival or a party that has gone completely over the edge? Someone spiraling so far off the road to reality, they’re like a human car crash; you’re afraid to look at them but you cannot look away. I witnessed this at Strawberry Fields Festival. Paramedics were chasing… Continue reading It’s Burn Time Baby, Prepare for the Madness

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The Pick-up Artist and the Sex-positive Blogger: Interview or Porno?

Wet and covered only by a teeny tiny towel, I dash upstairs hoping to make it to Shirley’s room before being spotted. As luck would have it I’m caught mid stairwell. We’re both startled by one another. He takes in my seemingly naked form and starts talking - ‘Sorry’, I interrupt, ‘I don’t speak Dutch’.… Continue reading The Pick-up Artist and the Sex-positive Blogger: Interview or Porno?

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Sperm and Quirky Eggs

I often quote my favourite Tame Impala lyric by the wonderful Kevin Parker - ‘The only one really judging you is yourself.’ In this tale I go on a journey that some of you will connect deeply with, and some not at all... Saturday fever is upon us again - this time the theme is… Continue reading Sperm and Quirky Eggs

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A Universal Fucking

Sometimes if you put all your expectations of a night into the hope of getting with a particular person, the universe just might make a mockery of you and send a totally different person your way. *Make sure you’ve read part one of this tale: Penetration of the Hawk Eyes for the full juicy context!… Continue reading A Universal Fucking

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Penetration of the Hawk Eyes

Are you a glass house builder? You meet someone that you’re excited about and build a nice little glass house around them? One that prevents you from seeing their true selves. You prefer to keep that shiny glass exterior where everything about them is perfect, a lovely illusion. I’m so good at it, I could… Continue reading Penetration of the Hawk Eyes

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Desert Tarzan and Slutty Jane

Since starting this blog I’ve been selective about whom I share it with. I am not ashamed of the blog, hell no, I am very proud of it, I just worry that some people will want to fuck (or not fuck) the ‘blog me’ and not the real me. The following tale validates this concern.… Continue reading Desert Tarzan and Slutty Jane

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Welcome to the Desert

It’s 5am, Zimbabawia and I are standing in a random warehouse in the backstreets of Cape Town. Two monster overlander trucks have just pulled up, we are surrounded by hippies and misfits, my hair is fluorescent orange and dully throbbing from the 60 neat new braids. It’s time to go to Tankwa Town. After bidding… Continue reading Welcome to the Desert

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Boys with Curly Hair

Leaving Durban was a shit-show. Between us we had slept for about 10 hours but were due to pick up our rental car at 10am. A couple of near roadside chunders and a million hire forms later, our classic South African road trip down the Transkei, Wild Coast, and Garden Route began. Our first stop… Continue reading Boys with Curly Hair

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Hey you Beautiful Cunts

Well then, that title alone has probably done one of three things: 1. You are not reading this blog because you are ghastly offended by my language and have blocked Tales of a Wannabe Redhead from your newsfeed 2. You are shocked by the title, but also intrigued 3. You are Australian, or know an… Continue reading Hey you Beautiful Cunts

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Pussy and the Pillows

Lekker Bro we’re in Durban - South Africa! Getting straight back into the swing of city life, I naturally looked up a Durban version of Revs. The tribe, minus Mamma Africa and her broken ribs, were ready to give our twerking hips a rest and reactivate our techno stomping feet. Origin nightclub was in a… Continue reading Pussy and the Pillows