Hey you Beautiful Cunts

Well then, that title alone has probably done one of three things:

1. You are not reading this blog because you are ghastly offended by my language and have blocked Tales of a Wannabe Redhead from your newsfeed

2. You are shocked by the title, but also intrigued

3. You are Australian, or know an Australian, and are therefore familiar with this phrase and happily reading on

Today’s post is not a tale, but rather a discussion about language, the use of the word cunt. A subject that I have wanted to discuss for some time.

When writing my tales there have been many times that I have written the word CUNT, then decided to delete it as I was worried about sounding crass or offending people. But you see, in Australia CUNT is pretty much an everyday word for Millennials, or in Zimbabawia’s case, a part of every second sentence.

Australian Millennials have pretty much replaced the use of mate with CUNT. If someone says, Hey Cunt! The word cunt here holds a positive connotation and you are either a close friend or they really dig you. Mate on the other hand, for some, has become what you’d say if someone is pissing you off, Mate… get your hand off my muffin.

Recently at festival, I saw a flag with the acronym G.C.K.G.C. Intrigued about it’s meaning I approached the flag bearer and learned that it stood for ‘Good Cunts Know Good Cunts’. Take a wild guess where these ingenious flag creators were from? Yep, Down Under. My partysquad was completely thrilled by the flag, and so for the rest of the festival we used it as a meet up point. Hanging out there meant we met ample fabulous people because well… good cunts know good cunts.

So why am I talking about the use of this powerful word?

Many Australians, and South Africans – I am learning, have integrated cunt into their vocabulary positively. However, I am under no illusion that I am speaking of a minority, and that for many in the world, the word cunt is used not just negatively, but also considered the most shocking, vulgar word utterable in the English language.

That guy just punched a puppy, what a CUNT.

Yes it is true, when I was in primary school someone called my friend a cunt, she cried and cried, and I had no idea what was going on. When the teacher found out what had been said we were all sat down and told we should NEVER utter this ghastly word. It was drummed into us that cunt was bad, and so it was bad.

Growing up, we knew about the existence of cunt, the worst word there was, and the negative power it held. With age, and as I got more outspoken, when I wanted to truly offend someone, I would unleash the word CUNT, often met with shocked and offended faces.

But language changes. Some time not long ago my best friends and I started calling each other cunt, it was endearing, and it became a playfully warm word. However, if deemed necessary, with tone it was still used to plasphemise people.

When there are changes to language, you can be certain that society challenged it first. On this journey Mumma Africa started pulling me up every time I used the word negatively, why are you using the female genitalia in a negative light?

Tell me this, what is the root of the word cunt? The vagina, yes? SO why then is English’s rudest, most crass word – CUNT, actually a part of the female anatomy? And not just any part of the anatomy, the place from which sex, joyous sex is had, orgasms are achieved, where life is made, and babies pushed out from. Why is the name of the strongest muscle in the entire human body, male or female, used in a negative way?

Stumped you there haven’t I?

I believe it is our societal duty, once a subject has had light shed on it, to take on the new information and use that information to change our perception, our culture, and therefore our habits.

Just as with the word cunt.

Hey, when I was 10 I was running around at recess saying; You don’t read Harry Potter? You’re so gayyy! Well, I got older and education made me wiser about what gay really means. So I sure as shit ain’t using gay negatively anymore.

Now I know a lot of people will say; come on it’s just a word, we don’t mean the actual vagina, can’t we say anything without some fiery feminist Redhead getting her kinky knickers in a knot?

The answer is no, no you cannot.

I’m not saying that I want CUNT abolished from the English language, HELL NO!

I just want people to start using it in a positive way, and thus praising the pussy:

– Do you see that sexy cunt sitting at the bar?

– Cunt, come on and gimme a hug

– Love you cunt!

– Good Cunts Know Good Cunts!

– Geez I wanna eat that beautiful cunt of yours

– What kind of cute cunt are you for making the bed for me!?

Or if you really want to win at life and upgrade the cunt, you may use our personal cunt hybrid:

That Tales of a Wannabe Redhead chick is a sick cunt….a SKUNT.

Spread the word, you beautiful cunts!

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Image: Digital collage by Eve Stainton from performance ‘Slug Horizonz’ by Eve Stainton and Florence Peake.

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