Wear a Dress and Don’t Change Your Panties

Okay so this story is very X-rated. I tossed up whether to actually share it as I know there will be varying opinions on my choices around the event. But if I am to become a TV show then full disclosure is a must.

Day following last post (date with sex-maniac, ex sitting across from me etc).

I get a text from The Pilot “how was your date last night spicy?” Typical crazy assed bastard has to let it be known that he knows I was on a date, but it doesn’t phase him and I’ll prove it by calling you a pet name and talking to you patronisingly.

Anyway, a series of replies followed, went along the lines of me calling him a stalker and attempting to make him jealous by not imparting the fact that I hastily got rid of the Ass-licking nutter.

One thing lead to another and next thing I know he asks me if I feel like being dominated, to which I reply, “of course.” And just like that he is on his way to pick me up requesting that I “wear a dress and don’t change your panties.”

I hop into the car with his delicious smelling self and he promptly demands I take off my panties and give them to him. He cradles them in his hands as we drive to an unknown location with my stomach churning as if I’d eaten an entire wheel of Brie.

Once at the beach and his dominating character had seemingly vanished, while walking along the shore, myself undieless, he details the perverse act he’d had in mind; take me to a park, undress me, tie his belt around my neck, walk me like a dog, and fuck me. Standard park activities. However, he no longer thinks he can do these things because seeing me again has made him confused about what we once were. Boo fucking hoo mate, this is a booty call, not a counselling session.

I tell him he’s got to be fucking joking, he cannot say such erotic things and then not go through with them. We sit on a park bench, you know those benches, that people walk past on the beach. He decides to check out my arousal levels with his hands. The juices had just started to flow, with another public finger banging when he removes his nimble pilot fingers. AGAIN he blabs that he cannot go on with this charade, so in a huff, we walk back towards the car, myself now aroused. And highly pissed off.

I tell him that I will be going to the toilet, he says he’ll wait for me, to which I shoot him a ‘you will fucking follow me or die’ glare. He obediently follows in behind me pand locks the door. Turns out me telling him what to do riles him up and he has a surge of dominance again.

Next thing I know I am as described; naked, tied up with a belt, and being banged over a very questionable public toilet to which I choose not to look into whilst in such compromising positions. The session ends abruptly and he collects all of my clothes and hands me only my jacket. I ask if I’m allowed to zip my jacket up, which he kindly allows.

We saunter back to the car with my bottom quite exposed.
Then disaster strikes, we are back in the car and apparently post domination is the time to discuss the reasons behind the break down of our relationship. It goes on and on and honestly I’m not saying much. ‘Nooo we can’t go back to what we were’ ‘yeass I’m sure he really liked me’ bla bla bla BLA over it.

We get to mine and I jump out of the car, lean over to him and say “I know we can’t be in a relationship but I really like having a belt tied around me and being fucked in toilets soooo call me again.”

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