Tales of a Wannabe Redhead

Welcome to the website where SELF LOVE, SISTERHOOD, PUSSY POWER, and ‘WEIRD’ receives a red carpet welcome.

You found your way to this website and I’m feeling that it’s for a reason. Are you ready to say yes to yourself and surrender to the juiciness of the universe?

Excellent! Well then, I’m Chloe a sex-positive, wild, powerful woman and I’m here to spark your hidden flames.

For as long as I’ve had a mobile I’ve been receiving phone calls like:

‘Chloe, me and Martin want to have a threesome, how do we do it?’

‘Chloe, can you come over? My menstrual cup is STUCK I need someone to yank it out?’

‘Chloe! Last night I was having sex and I was seriously enjoying it but my pussy was so dry! Is there something wrong with me?

‘Chloe… this girl sucked on my toes, I think I love her. Should I tell her?’

No call was ever too weird for me, in fact, the weirder the better… let your freak flag fly!

After 100’s of hours learning from different teachers, workshops, coaches — and my current coaching course with Sexpert, Layla Martin — I have moulded my own unique way of guiding women to love their wild, weird self in all areas of sex, love, relationships.

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